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Is Artificial Rock Climbing Dangerous?

Most of us today lead somewhat standard lives. We work for at least 8 hours, or go to school; we come back and relax. Most people have hobbies, in order to maintain variety in their life, but also to keep healthy; they usually exercise and do sports, because we have become acutely aware of the importance of physical and mental health in the past couple of years. However, some sports seem to be too extreme, and the risk of them may outweigh the benefits that they provide. In the eyes of many people, rock climbing is one of those sports. But is the situation any different when the rocks are artificial and indoors? Is artificial rock climbing too dangerous to pursue?
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3 Sports That Empower Girls and Young Women To Become True Superheroes

Sports have always played an important role in almost every community. The audience stands united cheering for their team or player to win, finding their idols in the players before them. Later, these idols have a powerful role in their communities, shining a light on serious issues and leading future generations in the right direction. However, up until recently, these role models were men. Female athletes were present but they were not as respected as their male colleagues. 
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