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What is Web Design?

Learning new skills takes time and effort. Sometimes, we cannot even start learning a new skill because we are unfamiliar with what the skill actually is. Just like beginner sports bettors like to use promo codes to start betting, like this Kod I8 yang disyorkan code, so would beginner designers first learn what web design actually is. read more

Can You Use Envato to Realize Your Passive Income Goals?

Ever since digital goods and digital marketplaces appeared, the idea of passive income became way more dominant as a business strategy. The idea is to make a huge investment in terms of efforts and funds, get as many users as possible, and reap the benefits as long as there is the internet. Envato is a good example of that philosophy, you have a large selection of design templates, you have a large base of customers, and people creating goods for the platform, so everybody wins. The production cost for digital goods is lower making them more affordable, designers get customers constantly, and the platform gets a portion of funds. However, is it as easy and plausible as it sounds? Let’s find out.   read more

What is Dribble and What you Need to Know About It?

The world seems to be turning around social media. All the time people liking and commenting on each other has led to much confusion about what is true and whatnot. Who is right and who is wrong? Should I listen to him? Or her? Or maybe them? The trouble with social media is that it is based on our right to post (say) whatever we want, even if that can get us in trouble. Some people use this opportunity to make false claims, to gain popularity by being bizarre or rude. This has led to a great number of people removing themselves from these platforms since it has become extremely hard to find any useful information without wasting time. Due to these raising issues of the modern usage of social media, new platforms like Dribble have appeared, where quality is highly valued. 
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Why you should pay attention to Awwwards

Nowadays, it seems like they are giving awards for just about anything. And every day, something new comes up. But if you are not familiar with Awwwards, now is the time to do so, especially if you are working with or interested in web design, as this awards ceremony attracts the best and brightest from the industry.
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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website

We can safely say that the Internet brought about a revolution in the way we observe ourselves, our lives, and the world around us. Moreover, we now have one more world, the online one, which has become just as important as the real world for many things, so now we can buy things online, use Bet9ja Promotion Code, and much more. With business, it is no different. Many companies were ruined because they had stuck with the offline world, and had not tried to increase their presence on the Internet. The businesses and companies that understood this are now thriving. The same goes for new businesses, as well: if you intend to survive and prosper, you need a strong Internet presence. However, most people underestimate the importance of having a well-made professional website and do not consider it very important for their business. Here are five reasons to convince you otherwise. read more

Working from Home –Is it Good or Bad?

A few decades ago, we would think of a job as something that exists somewhere outside our house, usually fairly distant. In short, it would be a world completely separate from the one we nurture and experience at home. However, since the arrival of the Internet, and especially in the past fifteen years, these worlds collided, as our network connections allowed us to access practically everything from the comfort of our homes, including thing slike Bet9ja Promotion Code. The same goes for work; there are some occupations that do not necessarily require an office space.  Of course, there are people who are delighted by the idea, whereas there are those who are strictly opposed to the concept of working from home. So is working from home a good idea or not? read more

6 Tips to Help You Grow as a Web Developer

Growing as a developer in a world full of competition can frankly be quite hard, just like it is harder and harder to find Nairabet Affiliate Code 2020 among all the other irrelevant and useless bonus codes. Even if there are a lot of ways you can learn more on the internet, you still feel like you need a bit of guidance? Well, if you keep asking yourself these questions, then you need to tune in and read these tips on how to grow as a developer, and start applying them ASAP! read more