Practicing Capoeira Is a Great Way to Express Yourself and Become a Stronger Woman

Practicing Capoeira Is a Great Way to Express Yourself and Become a Stronger Woman

The lifestyle we lead today is by no means healthy. A few decades ago, the TV sets used to be large and heavy, and people were the ones who were skinny. Today, due to the tempo of our lives and the development of technology, it has become the other way round. People spend at least a third of their day sitting in a chair behind a desk, and also a couple of hours commuting to and from work, which can take its toll on their body. When you are younger, it is difficult to see the detrimental effect that this lifestyle has, but they become more and more apparent as time goes on. Women should especially be careful with their health, as they can easily fall victim to osteoporosis, which is why these issues should be tackled in advance, by directly combating the negative effects of sitting with exercise. Of course, gym and aerobic classes seem like an obvious idea, but there are some sports that engage you more, and allow you to employ creativity, so that both the body and the mind are satisfied after a workout. Capoeira is a martial art that provides all of this, and much more.

Why is exercise significant?

The human body was not designed for sitting. It best operates if it spends most of the time in motion, and our strong limbs and muscles allow us to do just that. However, if we do not exercise to keep them healthy, they weaken over time, and by the time we get old and need them to be strong and support us, they usually fail. Тo prevent this from happening, exercise and sports should be included in our lifestyles to keep all our muscles, including the heart, in top condition.

What is capoeira?

Women are usually more creative, and may not be satisfied with regular Eastern martial arts, which are fairly strict and can be boring at times. Capoeira is a martial art that comes from Brazil and offers a mix of fighting and dancing. Although it may come across as intimidating or too complicated, this martial art is definitely something that offers immense benefits for women that opt to try it out.

What are the benefits of capoeira?

First of all, the calories you burn off. One hour of practicing can consume up to 700 calories, which can be great if you are trying to lose some weight. It requires a lot of physical strength, and you are sure to be sore in the beginning, but you will soon develop a strong core, arms, and legs. There are no limits or categories, and men, women, and children are all treated equally and have equal chances of success, based on their effort. It will also boost your self-confidence; once you master the basics, you can create your own variations, techniques, and play with the timing, in order to create your own voice and express yourself.

Is capoeira worth it?

If you tried exercising and found that nothing suits you just right, you might want to consider giving capoeira a try. It teaches you a lot about Brazilian culture, and it also incorporates music in it, so that you can enjoy your training more. After practicing for some time, you will quickly notice an increase in strength all over your body: your quadriceps and gluteus muscles will be as good as new. Aside from the physical aspect, the possibility of improvising your own routines can help you express your creativity, and thus make you not only physically, but also mentally stronger. All in all, there are numerous benefits for women that come with practicing capoeira, and you should definitely try it.