All You Need to Know About Climbing Mount Everest

All You Need to Know About Climbing Mount Everest

Considering climbing the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest? Well, as extreme as it may sound, it is still one of the greatest goals of many experienced climbers. And, due to all the innovative technology nowadays, this adventure has been made much safer than it used to be. Technology has really changed the way we see the world: it has made a lot of things readily available to us; for example, we do not have to go to a bookmaker to place our bets, we can do so online with betting bonus codes, that make betting all the more fun!

But if you are interested in learning a thing or two about this unique journey all the way to the border between Nepal and Tibet, keep on reading!

Potential Threats

One out of many things one might find threatening while on this journey is the air thickness. The air pressure is much lower than what we are used to, so some people might experience some difficulty while breathing. It is just not the safest environment for humans in terms of breathing and getting enough oxygen. Another dangerous aspect of this journey is the cold weather. Getting frostbites due to the cold, altitude as well as the lack of oxygen, are quite common. 

Pick Your Route

When climbing Mount Everest, the climbers can pick one of the two most popular and safest routes. Although there are a dozen other routes out there, none of them is considered as safe as the two we are about to mention. The first one is from Nepal called the Southeast Ridge and one from Tibet called the North Ridge. 

What You Will Need

No matter if you are climbing from Nepal or from Tibet, you will have to ask for a climbing permit. In essence, it is something a guide or an agency should do for you. However, you will probably have to sign a paper that you are climbing at your own risk and provide proof of being in good health. 

The Trip That Lasts for Months

Climbing the highest mountain on the planet is not something that could be done in a matter of days. To imagine just how hard climbing Mount Evers really is one should know that climbing it takes up to a few months. Some of the most important things are the pace, acclimatization, and safety overall. This is why this journey is not something that should be taken lightly. 

The Scary Statistics Behind It 

As you can assume, climbing Mount Everest is quite dangerous and it can even have a fatal outcome. According to the Himalayan Database statistics, there are 295 people who have died while trying to climb it. To translate that into digits, every climber has a 1.2 chance of dying on this journey. However, those numbers seem to become lower and lower, with the improvement of technology, gear, climbing techniques, and even forecasts. 

Reaching Your Destination

Most people do this for the experience and partly for the view. When the climbers reach their destination, they will be able to stand on a small snow dome with a couple of more people.

Admiring the view during the season and during busy tours is rather limited, so the climbers will have only a few moments to soak in all the beauty.