What is Dribble and What you Need to Know About It?

What is Dribble and What you Need to Know About It?

The world seems to be turning around social media. All the time people liking and commenting on each other has led to much confusion about what is true and whatnot. Who is right and who is wrong? Should I listen to him? Or her? Or maybe them? The trouble with social media is that it is based on our right to post (say) whatever we want, even if that can get us in trouble. Some people use this opportunity to make false claims, to gain popularity by being bizarre or rude. This has led to a great number of people removing themselves from these platforms since it has become extremely hard to find any useful information without wasting time. Due to these raising issues of the modern usage of social media, new platforms like Dribble have appeared, where quality is highly valued. 

Firstly it is important to mention that Dribble is a social media platform dedicated to designers who “shoot” their images and post them. Their followers can see these images and comment on their creative work. So what makes Dribble any different from other social media platforms? 

Quality Control

Unlike with other social media platforms, it is not enough to create an account in order to be able to post things. In the beginning, you get the status of a “prospect”. You are asked to add your website to your profile and afterward, you can look for the artists you admire and follow them. It is useless to try to comment or interact with other members until you become a “shooter”. This status is acquired by being picked by a member of the site. If you get drafted by one member only you can only get the status of a rookie, while several members could give you an “All-Star” status. What differentiates this platform from all others is the concept of hierarchy and exclusivity. 

Tips for Newbies

It is important to point out – do not quit! Maybe it’s strange at first or you might feel like an outsider, but it is important to remember that once you are in, it will be worth it.

But there is more to it. Even when you are allowed to post it is not without its limitations. Everyone is limited to 24 posts per month so choose carefully what you will post. Make it your best and most worthy work.

Furthermore, if you are still struggling with being drafted, make sure to comment on designs posted by your favorite artists. It can increase your chances of upgrading your status. 

Spectators Can Enjoy As Well

If you are only looking for something new to inspire you and help you with your creative work, you will not regret joining Dribble. You can easily search different images and filter the search by color, by project, by tags, and by the bucket (branding, typography). Moreover, having all your favorite graphic designers in one place is an irreplaceable source of inspiration.