Should You Try Skyrunning?

Should You Try Skyrunning?

In this day and age, we like our experiences to be strong. We work hard and we play hard, and most of the things in between are hard as well. Our lives are faster and more intense, and we do not stop and relax the way we used to do a century ago. People usually combat the negative effects of their lifestyle by exercising and doing sports; in the past couple of decades, extreme sports have become an increasingly popular option for all those who lack excitement in their everyday life. Skyrunning is one of those options.

What is skyrunning?

If you thought that regular running does not present a challenge the way it is, skyrunning might be the sport for you. It combines running and altitude, where runners run along mountains, on heights greater than 2000 meters. The minimum incline of the paths the players take must be 6%, and the race must include at least some parts of it that have the incline of 30% or more. The idea originated at the beginning of the 1990s, and by 1995, it became such a popular sport, that the Federation for Sport at Altitude issued rules for it. Today, it remains popular with tens of thousands of people across the world participating in over 200 races every year.

What are the benefits of skyrunning?

Unlike hitting the treadmill, skyrunning offers the benefit of being outdoors and in nature. Besides the fact that you are running up a mountain, you have the opportunity to breathe in the unpolluted air that only mountains can offer. Another good thing about this extreme sport is that it can offer a better environment and a more intense workout.  Adding a vertical climb to your run can certainly allow you to push your body to its limits and become stronger. Moreover, the conditions that you encounter on your runs are often more suitable than those you have in the city. The ground on your trail is softer and not as hard on your knees; moreover, you are less likely to become bored at some point, and you are certainly burning more calories during your run. You also exercise your mind, as this is not a repetitive and monotonous workout, but rather one where your mind has to carefully calculate where to place each step.

Should you try it?

Skyrunning, as is the case with all extreme sports, highly depends on the person doing it.  If you are a sports enthusiast, and regular 5K races or marathons simply are not enough for you, then you should give skyrunning a chance. It will remove you from your boring, familiar environment, and combine intense exercise with beautiful landscapes and a chance to leave everything behind and feel a deeper connection with nature. Moreover, it is an experience that few sports can offer. That being said, there are some things that you should take into consideration. This sport can put a lot of strain on the body, and if you have any medical conditions, or if you are just not in good shape, maybe try something easier before opting for such a strenuous activity.