Hiking Essentials for Beginners

Hiking Essentials for Beginners

Hiking is a great way of staying active while spending some time in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun on your skin. Apart from being physically active, this kind of activity will help you nourish your mental health as well. And, if you are looking for another reason to do it, then you should know that it can be quite fun, especially if you have a good company. 

However, even if hiking is a low impact physical activity, many people tend to categorize it as a rather “dangerous” activity. It is completely understandable, therefore, that some people prefer to stay indoors and do some fun activities that do not include going out, like playing video games. But if you are well prepared for your first hiking adventure, there should be no unnecessary panicking, fear or anxiety. Take a look at these hiking tips for beginners and get ready in a jiffy!

The Right Trail for You

If you have been rather physically inactive prior to your hiking adventure, you should be cautious when choosing your trail. What’s more, do a detailed analysis of the terrain, incline, distance and then think whether it is something you are physically prepared for. Don’t get ahead of yourself as you might end up discouraged or even injured. 

Check the Weather Forecast

Check the weather at least one week before planning your hiking trip. Bad weather can be a dealbreaker for many inexperienced hikers. Moreover, it can affect the quality of the hike, hiker’s safety, and mood. So, make sure to check in advance, and also check on a daily basis as your hiking adventure is getting closer. 

Don’t Go on Your Own 

In the beginning, inexperienced hikers should always be accompanied by someone. Many unexpected situations could occur, and this is why going in pairs or in a group is always a better option. Even if you feel comfortable enough to go on your own, make sure to tell someone where you will be hiking, for how long or even turn on the location services on your phone. 

What Needs to Be in Your Backpack

First of all, pack light and pack smart is one of the top hikers’ sayings- and for a good reason. The lighter you pack, the easier you will be able to move and you will also get less tired. Bring some extra clothing, or better yet, dress in layers, bring a map, enough food and water, and some basic first aid supplies. 

Shoes Are Very Important

One of the most important pieces of hiking equipment are shoes. Wearing the right kind of shoes, which are comfortable, appropriate for hiking and light can affect this adventure drastically. Investing in a good pair of hiking shoes is the most important thing if hiking is something you are planning to practice continuously. 

Watch the Tempo

Once you start off, you will feel energized and ready to speed up. However, this might lead you to give up earlier than you thought. When hiking, one should always try to balance the pace and tempo and save the energy for what awaits ahead. Otherwise, you might experience shortness of breath, an urge to make stops and even feel some muscle and joint soreness.