The Intertribal COUP mission is national in scope, and the path toward converting the rich renewable energy potential of Indian Country into a clean grid re-building reality runs directly through Washington D.C.

Beyond critical planning work with local, regional and state agencies and stakeholders, our most important goal at the federal level remains the creation of renewable energy tax credits to encourage clean energy infrastructure investment within tribal lands.

The Tribal Joint Venture Production Tax Credit (S. 802 / HR 2982 or Fair Credit Act) can jump start a host of renewable energy sources 'shovel ready' to come online. This serves a bi-partisan goal to re-power the grid, esp. via the haze-choked, water-short, and fastest growing West- with clean, sustainable, and domestically secured energy.

Regulations that previously encouraged non-domestic, polluting, water-intensive and depletable fossil fuels to become primary sources of energy can be modified. Intertribal COUP and far-sighted legislators are actively working to accomplish this and safeguard a sustainable environment and energy economy for all Americans.